For Awardees

Half of the SDCCSF scholarship is paid in the fall semester, while the other half is paid in the winter/spring semester. To receive your scholarship checks, you must send proof of enrollment for fall and winter/spring semesters, as specified in the requirements below.

Let us know if:

  • You leave San Diego County to attend college.
  • You enroll in college less than full time. Full time means at least 12 units.
  • You change your email address, mailing address, or phone number.

Requirements for Proof of Enrollment

  1. In fall and spring, you must submit your proof of enrollment after your school’s add/drop period and no later than our proof of enrollment deadline. The add/drop period occurs after classes start, not before.
  2. Your proof of enrollment must show your name, school name, date, and at least 12 units enrolled. Proof of enrollment can be obtained from your school’s registrar or online registration system. Please be sure the date showing on your proof of enrollment is no earlier than the date listed below for your school.

Add/Drop Dates

Add/drop dates are updated in fall and winter/spring of each academic year, and are for SDCCSF awardee use only. The dates posted below represent completion of the add/drop period for your school, and the first date SDCCSF will accept your proof of enrollment.

Submit proof of enrollment now

Deadlines for Proof of Enrollment

Fall: October 31
Spring: February 28

Tips for Awardees

  • Be sure that your proof of enrollment is sent and dated no earlier than the date listed above for your school. Add/drop occurs after classes start, not before.
  • To receive your scholarship check as soon as possible, send us a printout or screenshot from your online registration system that shows your name, school name, date, and at least 12 units enrolled. A one-page Enrollment Verification Form may also be made available online or through your school’s Records Office or Registrar’s Office.
  • Checks will be mailed directly to you at the address on your application, not to your college.
  • When you receive your check, immediately deposit it in your bank or credit union account. If you don’t have an account, many banks and credit unions offer student accounts.


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